Available Funding Resources

We know that in these unprecedented times you may be experiencing disruption to service, loss of funding and fundraising opportunities, and increased costs to facilitate your transition to a remote work environment and remote service provider. The work you do is important, and there are financial resources available that may be able to help you get through this tough time so that you can continue to do this good work.

Here at Athena, we know that you are busy adapting and that sifting through available resources can be a daunting task. We wanted to help you out by pulling together some resources for you. Below, divided by geography, you can find links to available emergency and other financial resources that may be able to help with your sustainability through COVID-19.

At the bottom of this list you will also find cross-geographical resources with ideas on how to adapt your fundraising strategies during this time.

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Canadian Funding Resources

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UK Funding Resources

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Australian Funding Resources